Welcome to TJ Oyster Bar

It doesn’t matter if it is tostadas, cocktails, or warm seafood soup, Tj Oyster Bar always prepares its food with the freshest ingredients. Our Tijuana invented flavor is unique to us.

It is very easy to visit us, since we are close to you, in Bonita, Ca.

Remember that at Tj Oyster Bar we will treat you right!

About Us

Around 1980, Juanito came to the city of Tijuana, from who knows where, and decided to call a friend to tell him about an idea he came up with. He thought that setting up seafood stand on the corner of a sidewalk, in the area known as Colonia Cacho in Tijuana, would be a great business. So they bought a little cart and started up a business. At first they only sold ceviche tostadas and fish tacos. They had hit the nail on the head and business was booming. The tacos and tostadas were a favorite among surfers and locals alike.